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  • Are You Connecting with your Clients At Renewal Time? – "Face it, clients don't like rate increases. They didn't like the one delivered last year or the year before, and they won't like it any better this year. Instead of being the bludgeoned messenger again, maybe there's another alternative."
  • Facts on Health Insurance Coverage – "Most Americans have health insurance through their employers. But, employment is no longer a guarantee of health insurance coverage."
  • Leveraging Technology to Engage Employees – "With health care costs still a problem and productivity a critical issue, employers are focused on improving the health of their workers."
  • MetLife Study of Employee Benefits Trends – "During the third quarter of 2004, MetLife commissioned a national study of employee benefits trends, surveying both employees and employers. The results of this study demonstrate a number of significant trends."
  • Worksite Marketing of Voluntary Benefits: The Consumer Perspective – "Worksite marketing has grown from an accommodation or niche market for carriers to a key distribution strategy. While many consumers look to their employer as a source for traditional group life and health products as well as retirement benefits, they now see voluntary benefits taking their place alongside these core benefits."

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