benefit management

The investment that employers make in their employee benefit strategy too often becomes an expense instead of an investment when the management of the plan becomes overwhelming.

Many times the internal tools and talents are too overwhelmed or inadequate to manage the plans consistently and accurately. This leads to coverage, billing and communication errors that ultimately result in dissatisfaction throughout the organization.

Cool Creek Solutions provides an exclusive set of resources and tools that simplify the plan management process. These tools include:

  • Predictable, multi-year benefit strategies
  • Employee wellness and health assessment programs
  • New plan implementation and communication
  • Intuitive employee web access for 24x7 access to details and forms
  • Electronic handling of day-to-day questions and information requests
  • Turnkey benefit communication and enrollment
  • Premium billing and reconciliation
  • Data decision tools for analysis and planning
  • Cost savings from reductions in time and printing cost along with elimination of overpayment of premiums

The outcomes for our clients are plans that are more manageable, more accurate, on budget and accomplish an employer's employee satisfaction and retention objectives.