creative approaches

One size does not fit all! Every employer group is unique so it makes sense that each group's approach to employee benefit plans should be equally diverse. Operating a business today requires facing unforeseen complexities that many business leaders have never contemplated. How to accomplish more with fewer resources is a common challenge in the areas of human capital management and employee benefits.

We believe benefit plans should benefit the unique needs and budgets of each group. Working alongside the employer client's existing employee benefits broker, we explore all options available and make recommendations that at times involve minor adjustments and other times require radical changes.

Our benefit solutions consider and, when it makes sense, include any of the following types of plans:

  • Fully and partially self-insured medical
  • Wellness management and health assessment
  • Ancillary plans (Life, Disability, Dental, Vision, etc.)
  • Supplemental Medical plans
  • Dependent Only plans
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Non-insurance benefits

Cool Creek Solutions is an independent organization with no limitations on which providers we work with. We interface with over 100 plan providers that offer a wide array of group and individual insurance coverage and non-insured options.