human asset management

Great organizations don't just happen; they are engineered.

Building and managing your organization requires tools and processes that keep you on task, on budget and compliant.

For a fraction of the cost of other HRMIS systems, our platform provides the methods to assist with development and administration of:

  • Organization charts and hierarchy: Head count management that link employees to location, department, supervisors, and matrix relationships.
  • Job descriptions that define competencies, experience and skills required for each position.
  • Immediate access to data and reports for HR related audits.
  • Levels and pay grades that associate across departments to ensure fairness and compliance.
  • Compensation planning and administration: Easily interface with internal and external payroll and accounting system.
  • Human and capital asset management. Requisition, approval and accounting processes for positions, equipment, property and all required assets.
  • Bi-directional recognition and suggestion systems that improve morale and performance.
  • Performance and goal management tools that drive consistency, fairness and accuracy.
  • Succession planning tools that identify mentoring opportunities and heir development.
  • Training and education tools that provide and document completion of key internal and external training programs.

Improve and document workflow processes while seamlessly interfacing with all existing internal systems.

Invest in your organization and prepare for future growth at substantially less cost than similar platforms.