There are many payroll solutions available in the market but few that are fully integrated with HR and Benefit Administration systems.

Our platform offers capabilities of direct, electronic communication with any payroll provider through our data standardization process that delivers data in the format that each vendor requires. It is a seamless process that significantly enhances the value of your existing payroll process.

Alternatively, Cool Creek Solutions clients may elect the optional payroll module that fully integrates normal payroll processes with other modules.

Payroll module features include:

  • Basic payroll functions for groups of all sizes
  • Pay grade monitoring and management with links to skills, job descriptions and capabilities
  • Payroll calendars
  • Compensation modules to accommodate all variable pay formats
  • Delivery of employee pay-stubs in secure, web based employee specific portals
  • Bi-directional data transfer with all internal systems
  • Single point of entry for employee data
  • Time cards and time management
  • Documented processes are transparent, defensible and compliant.